Ahchmedinejad And Obama: An Identity Of Interests - By Guest Author Barouch Levy*


Tishrei 26, 5773 (October 12, 2012)
Achmedinejad Obama An Identity Of Interest
The Iranian Effort To Obtain Nuclear Capability As A Means To Eliminate Israel / The Jews As An Actor In The International Political Arena  -  The U.S. Policy Of Intentional Inefficacy Vis-a Vis Iran
  For years now, the Iranians have been working relentlessly in their efforts to achieve nuclear capability. The past several administrations, most notably, the Obama administration, has done virtually nothing, except possibly a cyber attack, to successfully impede this progression. Iran has now come dangerously close in achieving this aspiration. It appears now, and for some time in the past, that the Obama Administration, not only is guilty of acquiescence in this progress, but actually desires, as policy, that this nuclear progression be continued unimpeded. There really is no other plausible explanation. What exists, in the professional political terminology, is an identity of interests between Achmedinejad and the Obama Administration. The common bond is to put an end to independent Jewish political power, as is made possible by the State of Israel. A laymen's characterization of this collusion, would be that Obama wants the increasingly enhanced Iranian threat to lead to a further deterioration of Israel's position, in the region and beyond. After Iran reaches a threshold, whereas Israel is totally beholden to the U.S. in order to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb, the policies may very well diverge. But that is not now a major concern to the Obama Administration as Israel's position becomes daily more untenable while the centrifuges spin unabated.. It should be a concern to the Jewish voter who, if he does not sharpen his perceptions, may well find himself alone in this world with a neuterized Israel. If so, G-d forbid, he well have only himself to blame.

  A look at the conduct of the Roosevelt Administration toward European Jewry shows that this is not the first time that the U,S. government found common ground with those seeking the destruction of the Jews. The results were horrendous and well known. The role of the Roosevelt administration, the liberal Democrat, in the destruction of one third of all world Jewry, is much less understood. However the then existence of the identity of interest between the Roosevelt Administration and Hitler, may his name be erased, are clear.
  On May 13, 1939 the boat the "St. Louis", set sail from Hamburg with about 900 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi terror. In spite of the entrance visas issued by Cuba, all but a very few, it was reported, were denied the right to disembark in Havana. The boat made it way towards the United States, hoping for a change in emigration law that might save the passengers lives. The Roosevelt Administration would have nothing of it. As the boat plied the waters of Florida, it was met by U.S. Coast Guard cutters, which rather symbolized the response of the U.S. government, in the well publicized media event. Having no choice, the boat moved onwards to Canada and then finally the passengers were returned to Europe. About half of them eventually were consumed in the Holocaust. They played no future role in us domestic affairs or international politics. Some did eventfully emigrate to the U.S. after the war. Some came to Israel where they no doubt did have something to say in and about the future. Some of their descendents might even read this article.

  October 6, 1943 was the day of the Rabbi's March to the White House. The Holocaust was known about by then in the U.S. . This solemn march approached the White House, a few days before Yom Kippur. The Rabbis, coming as supplicants pleading for Europeans Jewry, expected to be to be able to meet the President. However no such meeting took place. Roosevelt slipped out the back door of the White House. A busy schedule was given as an explanation. The rabbis reacted to this "cold and insulting" behavior with dismay, anger and pain. The Jews in Europe continued to be massacred. American backed rescue efforts were not happening while the great center of Jewish culture and vitality began to disappear. Hitler in Berlin and Roosevelt in Washington viewed the unfolding events from their respective capitals.

  About the same time, the Department of Treasury became aware of the obstructionist attitude to the attempts to save European Jewry. "The Report to the Secretary on The Acquiescence of this Government in the Murder of the Jews", initialed By Randolph Paul for the Foreign Fund Control Unit Of the Treasury Department was a scathing indictment, saying that the State Department " was guilty not only of gross procrastination and of willful failure to act, but even willful attempt to prevent action to be taken to rescue the Jews from Hitler". . A condensed version of the report was presented to the President by the Secretary of The Treasury, Henry Morgenthau a few days later. The State Department was served by the the Nazi policy towards the Jews. Roosevelt's non interference is indicative that he was served by his subordinates in the State Department.

   Michael Matsas, a Greek Jewish Holocaust survivor, places particular blame for the death of the Jews in Greece on the Allies. In his book an "Illusion of Safety", he writes that if the Allies had sounded the alarm to the Jews in Greece, the particular geographical and political realities were such that the Jews could have saved themselves without any help from the Allies. He points out that documentation indicates that the American diplomatic and other governmental services in the area were well apprised of German intentions and activities against the Jews during the war in general and in Greece in particular. Yet the information sent to Washington never resulted in the issuing of warning which would have significantly lessened the impact of the Holocaust in Greece.    

  Added to all this could be the appeals to bomb Auschwitz, which were rejected. The reasons given were of "impracticality" or "technical difficulties".  

  Except for some notable exceptions, The U.S. government did little to prevent the destruction of Europe's Jews. The negative political repercussion Roosevelt received for this from the Jewish voting public was zero. Roosevelt received 90 percent of the Jewish vote in 1944.  A relatively small number of Jews succeeded in immigrating to the U.S. after the holocaust terminated. Few entered British mandated Palestine. The European Jewish civilization was destroyed. Not only did the U.S. emerge as the preeminent world power, but Jewish influence on domestic and international politics seemed to have been reduced to a permanent position of negligibility. At Roosevelt's time of death, Roosevelt had scored a double achievement.

  Compare this to the policies of Obama in issues related to Jewish political power, particularly on how those policies relate to Israel.
) scientific report The ISIS Report of Oct. 8th was published recently, claiming that( Iran is a matter of months from obtaining nuclear ability The United States, particularly the Obama administration, has allowed this to happen. Israel, according to the report's statistics ,has also acquiesced in allowing Iran to be in a position where, barring outside intervention, that country will be in the position to ,in essence, negate Israeli sovereignty in only a matter of months if they chose to do so. No doubt Israel has been maneuvered into inactivity in the preservation of it existence, due to the pressure that has been applied against it, particularly, in the recent past from the Obama Administration. In a recent interview with Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State, he was asked about the setting of a "red line' by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in relation to Iranian nuclear progress. He rejected the idea that the U.S. should coincide with position. "We cannot subcontract the right to go to war. That is an American decision". In essence, what Kissinger said is that the US. should not allow Israel to exercise its basic right as a sovereign nation to preserve its very existence by deciding on military options independently in order to prevent Iran from going nuclear. The Obama Administration's position, which is similar if not identical, has effectively blocked Israel so far from taking decisive action to defend its existence in the face of the Iranian nuclear threat. As Israeli capacity to stop the Iranian advance to reach nuclear capability is clearly much less than the American capacity, Israel's continued existence is quickly becoming an "American decision" as the window of Israeli opportunity closes before the American window. This is what Kissinger meant by this disingenuous babble. This also what Obama wants and has come close indeed to achieving.

  In May 2011 President Obama called for an Israeli retreat to the pre 1967 "borders”. These borders were called by the former Foreign Secretary of Israel, Abba Eban, "Auschwitz borders", many years ago. Since then many who see the danger involved in such a move, have used the same expression. Thus it is no surprise that Obama, who wants Israel to accept that the question of Israeli survival be an American decision" wants Israel to place itself in a position where it can't defend itself. In such a scenario, Israel's continued existence would not depend on itself. Perhaps it would depend on the decision or calculation of Obama himself. That is what Obama wants. When Prime Minister Netanyahu asked the U.N. for an explanation of the temporizing non action against Iran, he asked "Waiting for what?". The answer is this: Jewish/Israeli powerlessness.

In Obama's Cairo speech he mentioned a history of the suffering of the stateless Jews and the Holocaust. To this he compared the suffering and" humiliation" of Arabs living under Israeli control. Here, he has undermined the moral legitimacy of Israel control in the areas beyond the 1967 borders, if not much more. His Secretary of State calls the Israeli presence there, “unsustainable". He says things like this because they tend to create a public political attitude which could not only end Jewish political influence in the areas controlled by Israel after 1967, but eventually in Middle East as well.

  Jonathon Pollard has been incarcerated, during the entire period of the Obama presidency. If he was released some years ago at the beginning of Obama's term in office, it would now be largely forgotten by the many of whom are against Pollard and from whom the President seeks votes. However, the real reason Pollard is still in jail is because he committed the "crime of Jewish political insubordination in general and Jewish insubordination against the U.S. government in particular, regardless if his actions were justified or not. Obama cannot relax his grip on Jonathan Pollard, because to do so others might encourage others to follow in Pollards footsteps. They too may express and act out of Jewish political insubordination. This Obama cannot abide. He cannot abide the Jewish political insubordination as exemplified by Pollard and as fueled by the State of Israel.

   Roosevelt acquiesced in and abetted the destruction of the political power of European Jewry. He prevented or enhanced the prevention of transfer of Jewish political power to other areas, most notably by blocked Jewish escape to the U.S, and to the British mandated area which became Israel. Obama’s ineffectiveness towards Iran in it pursuit of nuclear capability has brought Israel close to de fact loss of sovereignty.. This was and is not coincidental. These are the fruition of conscious policy which took advantage or is presently utilizing active policies of others. While clearly less discernible; they were or are no less deliberate. The first case being the well concealed collaboration with Nazis against the Jews by the Roosevelt Administrations. The second case being, the Obama Administration's, silent, "masterful inactivity" of collusion against the same people for basically the same reason. The reason being, the reduction or elimination of Jewish political power both domestically within nations and internationally.

 As stated, the motivation of the Obama administration's collusion with Iran, in its progression towards nuclear capacity, is to remove Israeli ability to have any effect on that progress. If this collusion is successful, whether or not Israel falls under an armed Iranian nuclear threat becomes a decision solely of the U.S, government. In that scenario, the U.S. government gains maximum, almost total control over Israeli polity. Previous concern about the effect of Israeli strength and how this negatively impacts on Obama's conception of a future world order now become of little consequence. This is similar to what the Secretary of the Treasury said about Roosevelt's policy during the Holocaust. "The policy was to neutralize all efforts which would limit the effectiveness of the ongoing holocaust. The fear was the effect of Jewish survival on the future disposition of the world after the war.” Thus after Israel is neutralized by Obama, the world can be arranged without Israeli interference. Ahchmadinejad said something very similar when he held his "World without Zionism" conference. .At that point, Obama may or may not plan to use the tremendous military power of the U.S.in intimidating Iran or actually blocking it before it completes the final stage in nuclear acquisition. But by then, Israel, de facto or de jure will no longer exist.

  This scenario may take place after the next presidential inauguration. Perhaps Israel will be bold and set it back a year or so. Then all bets are off. However there are good indications that in the event of a Romney Administration, with a word view that is different than the Obama view, events will unfold much differently. True there are significant questions about Romney's relationship to the question of Jewish political power. However he can't be worse than Obama. Some say that Roosevelt was just like Hitler .Paul Randolph said just that about his administration's  policy.  Some say he was even worse. Is Obama worse than Roosevelt? That is a possibility that must be taken into account. Therefore it is imperative, for anyone who values the survival of Israel and the survival of the Jewish people, to do what he can to remove Obama from power while there is still time and the opportunity presents itself.

May the G-d of Israel have mercy "rachmanus" on all His people and save them from their persecutors.

*Barouch Levy is a strawberry farmer in Samaria, Israel
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