On The Migron Pogrom

 - Unless it is our good L-rd Who removes us from His Land because instead of Him we serve the State or we tolerate that some of us serve the State at least with some of their hearts , with some of their souls and with some of their resources. Let's be resolute about this. In the past 65 years "we", them that is, they shot on and killed Jews on the Altalena and in the water, they pogromed Jews in Yamit, in Gaza, in the North of the Shomron, in Amona and now, in Migron. What other proves are we waiting for to finally see and understand that this State is anything but Jewish? One of these peoples’ favorite motto is that if the State of Israel was here then, the six million wouldn’t have perished. Today, more than ever, this seems to be just another empty lie, tailor made to deceive us in order to allow them to rule over us, the Jews. But are they Jewish? Better, can they continue to be considered Jewish, as if nothing has happened?

- This is comment # 1 on  Stop spitting in G-d's face!
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