They Showed Their True Colors, Hashem Will Show His!


 - Gays marching for their "rights" to oppose G-d's Torah is negating Jewish rights in Yerushalayim in particular and on G-d's Holy Land in general. From a Jewish prospective this is a worst case scenario, an attack on everything holy to Jews. This is worst than burning a synagogue down, than a bus-bombing killing just a few Jews, than destroying Jewish tombstones, because these attacks are limited in their scope, whereas a gay march on Yerushalayim sodomizes the entire Jewish people: Every one of us is offended, with the support of the State. This is an authentic, extreme and ferocious attack on every Jew and on everything Jewish, which the State not only tolerates but protects with its mounted police and undercover agents. So what does it tell us about this State? That it is Jewish, as it claims to be? The answer of course is NO, NO and NO and this is the main issue with which our generation of Jews who live on G-d's holy Land will have to deal with in one way or another. They showed their true colors, Hashem will show His!

- This is talkback # 7 on Jerusalem sign gets 'gay pride' paintjob
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