The One-Sided Reasoning Of Ms. Horing


 - The reasoning presented in this article is valid, but it not the only one and the Talmud teaches us that only the whole truth is truth, a partial truth is like a lie. An Israeli strike on Iran might in fact prove to the American Jewish voter that Mr. Hussein Obama is not a friend of Israel and to the average American voter that he is clueless. Ms. Horing, we appreciate your thinking of us on this side of the Atlantic, but believe you me, in the Israelis' mind the Iranian atomic issue far overrides the US presidential elections, and rightly so. For us this is not a political issue here, rather a life-or-death question and any delay for any reason could be fatal for millions of Jews: A second Holocaust. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes after the publication of this article, as it might influence some decision-makers and help provoke unthinkable consequences.

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