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 - There is no "proof", Charles. If there was a "proof" everyone would believe in Hashem and the concept of free choice would become meaningless. There are however indicatons. Here there are a few to watch:

- Privileged Planet
- Unlocking the Mystery of Life
- Parallel Universes - BBC Horizon
- Torah And Science Part 1
- The Best Four Minutes Shiur Ever 

As far as the Shoa is concerned I am one of those who are convinced of your third hypothesis [That Hashem wanted it]: Of course I don't think it is a "disgusting" one. I think it is the only plausible and that it is too easy to absolve ourselves of all responsibility. But, I realize that this is not an easy sale and you are not the only one I know who lost his faith the same way, doing the same, for me false and let me say arrogant - reasoning: It is easier to blame Hashem for what happened than ourselves. Even though the premonitions were and are all there

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