On American Election Campaigns In General And On Ann Romney's Speech In Particular

 - It amazes me that American Jews let themselves be infused by these carefully designed motivational speeches in every four years, as if they mattered or made ANY difference. In these arrogant, men-centered and worldly times let us not forget that it is Hashem, our G-d, that rules the world. Hashem is King and these red-dressed, red-nailed, red-mouthed and red-hearted Adom idol-worshippers are just a big, huge, and enormous: Nothings to be wan over to the side of Good, to the side of Hashem. As Jews, like it or not, this is our mission and this is why they hate us. Because we are not them.

- This is a thought on Ann Romney's speech at the RNC in Tampa, Florida

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