Judea Capta vs. Israel Liberated, Judaism vs. Cement-Zionism

 - I see your point, however I fear that you, as many others, are misguided: Judea Capta continues today almost undisturbed under the DISGUISE of Israel Liberated. It's time for us all to put 2+2 together and see that the State that rules Israel today is NOT Jewish. Only once we've done this we can decide not to collaborate with it and put the Land into the good and intended use: To buid a perfect Torah society on it and thus announce Hashem to the world, as well as to ourselves off course. Now, this is the upside. The downside is that probably Hashem doesn't need cement-pouring-Zionists (State-worshippers) on His Land. Matbe this is why He doesn't give us peace.

- This is a slightly edited comment on  Judea Capta/ Israel Liberated - A Tale of Two Coins
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