Twisting Torah To Suit Society


 - This is an outrageous article from a self-proclaimed so called “rabbi”. Let’s just pick out one of his outright blasphemous phrases: “As a people, however, who have always prided themselves with having foresight, wisdom and aspirations, we need to stop deluding ourselves into thinking that maximalist definitions of the borders of Eretz Israel and of the rights of Jews to settle therein are sustainable in the long run”.
Who gives this “rabbi” the authority to speak out against our G-d given Torah? Torah defines the Land and defending it is Milhemet Mitzvah, an obligatory war. By “obligatory” halacha, Jewish Law, means that we, ordinary Jews, don’t have a choice in deciding whether we want to fight it or not.
This so called conservative “rabbi” is bending and twisting the Torah to suit society, whereas the purpose of the Jew in this world is to bend society to suit Torah.

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