On Ulpana

 - Anita Tucker: "!!!! what was done to us must never to be done to another faithful citizen of the state of israel !!!! http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-EdContributors/Article.aspx?id=274322 and important to mention that eretz yisrael is the Biblically promised and historic homeland of the jewish people through the generations, affirmed as well by many internationally recognized bodies."

- ABY: What you people fail to realize is that nothing is by chance. Hashem created and He runs the world and history according to His will. Evidently you don't see your own State-idol-worshipping and your mamlachti "rabbis" lead you astray. Let's not forget that the Land is given to us at a condition, that we do the Jewish things on it. Voting, for example, for knesset, is not Jewish, because the knesset is not Jewish. Besides, we voted for Hashem for all generations under the Mount, in Sinai. Let's remember that!

- This is a comment on an Anita Tucker fb post.
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