Jewish sovereignty?

 - David Tzohar, Jewish sovereignty is anything but a fact. In fact erev rav sovereignty is a probability and Amalek sovereignty is a possibility. If you look at the signals the State gives out, you'll notice that they are inconsistent with Torah. Let me correct myself. The signals the State gives out are as consistent with Torah as it is necessary for the State to maintain its rule over the Jews. Over and above its behavior, the State's institutional structure is goyshe, after over 64 years of what you call "Jewish sovereignty", none, zero, null of our Torah institutions are in place or are in the making, with the exception perhaps of the Nascent Sanhedrin, which is a non-State of Israel initiative. As far as your "working within the system" is concerned, if anything, we have proof that it does not work. But even if it worked, as Jews, we shouldn't go down on that pass as our G-d given purpose in this world is to modify society according to Torah and not vice versa, Torah according to society. This is precisely why reform and conservative are outside of Judaism, in my view.

- This is a comment on Was The Expulsion From Gaza Prophesized?
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