Why I Don't Say Hallel On "Yom Haatsmaut"?


 - Every year many so called rabbis come out in favor of Hallel. Some use tear-jerker personal memories. Others, a kooknic orthodoxy, that puts the Jew before Hashem: The "if it's good for the Jews, it's holy" crap. One rabbi in particular says that the criteria for Hallel has nothing to do with the quality of the State, but rather with "national salvation" and he brings up the Hanuka story. Apart from the fact that Hallel at Hanuka was introduced by our Sages and not by these - in comparison - clowns, I would also challenge the concept of "national salvation" miracle. There are a few points here. First of all, the truth is that at "Independence day" everyone celebrates "Israel's birthday". So, in reality it IS about the State. Secondly, what War of "Independence"? Jews are not about "independence"! Goyim are. Jews are about "dependence"! Dependence on Hashem. That is our reason of being Jews. So, "yom haatzmaut" is intrinsically blasphemous. Thirdly, the war was not wan by divine intervention, but by the heavy price paid in Jewish blood. Fourthly, the so called War of "Independence" was not wan. By winning a war we mean either the destruction of the enemy OR the destruction of its belief that it can achieve its goal. None of these things happened in '49. 64 years later, today, the enemy is still in place, stronger than ever and still believes it can wipe us out from the Land of Israel. That is not exactly a divine national salvation that requires us to say Hallel is it? So, this is why I don't say Hallel: I am not a Calf worshipper, the Zionists are.
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