I Am Not A "Kahanist", Whatever That Means

 - It's interesting to note that every time I post here [on the Dry Bones blog], and usually within minutes, instead of dealing with the issues raised, I get obscene lies and personal attacks as replies. Pity, it seems that you don't even respect your own rhetoric, let alone others'. When you sell memorial mugs for the "State of Israel's birthday" on your blog, Bones, you must not be surprised that 1 (one) of your readers jumps up and says "What?": It is anti-Zionistic, a charge I fully accept, and not anti-Semitic. You might have replaced the love of Hashem, our G-d, with the love of the State of Israel in your heart. Otherwise you wouldn't call my filo-Semitic and pro-Jewish post "anti-Semitic". Your alter anonymous ego also is wrong: I am not a "Kahanist”, whatever that means. Rav. Kahane was a Zionist and I am not. I don’t think the Golden Calf State can be reformed, made Jewish,  from the inside.

- This is a comment on  Israel's Birthaday (1998) that was actually removed. Incredible!
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