Re: # 1 The State Is Not Jewish


- The answer to your question Sara, "how can it happen?", is very simple really and I am surprised that you don't see it: This so called "Jewish" State is anything but Jewish. If it was Jewish, in more than 60 years it would have built the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and it would have established Torah institutions required from us to establish on the Land. Instead, this evil State is the only one in the world that destroys synagogues, Torah study halls and housing just because they are Jewish. This is a State that was set up by the nations for the Jews Sara, to be a new ghetto for them, run by capos. Get used to the idea: The Jews do not have a State and if want one we will have to still fight and die for one G-d forbid. This modern State of Israel is simply a fading carbon copy of the nations' states, a usurper of the Jewish narrative and Jewish symbols, on G-d's favorite piece of land, on the Land of Israel.

- This is talkback # 14 on Civil Administration orders eviction of 'Machpelah house'
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