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- It is perfectly reasonable and only natural, dear Leah Goldsmith, for any Jew to have fear of those so called Jews who side with xtians. We had them in the camps and in some cases they were worse than the Nazis themselves. If what you are insinuating is true, that Chaim is not from Itamar, it is indicative only of the presence of governance by fear and blackmail. When and where people are not threatened for the opinion they may hold, they write their names and true residences without - fear, you know. That is just the way it is. On this account, let me ask you here, dear Leah Goldsmith, how come that you are so sure of having no Jewish opposition to your xtianist policies in Itamar? Do you really think you control everyone's head in town from the inside? If so, I am certain it has nothing to do with the famous arrogance that comes with power. Well, Itamar had more than its fare share of tragedies. Maybe you should look into as to some of the possible whys?

- This is talkback # 14 on Minister places mezuzah at Joseph's Tomb
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