Mamlachtim Deserve The Evil That Comes In Their Way


- Another Migron resident, Efrat Sheetrit, said: "you have to keep in mind that everyone here serves in the IDF – some are senior officers – and they do not want another confrontation (with Israeli security forces). We settled here at the service of our country. All of the infrastructure here – electricity, water and roads – is state-owned".

- ABY: No, all of the infrastructure there, electricity, water and roads, is owned by Hashem, our G-d. Maybe if you served Him and not the State and its IDF, He would not have put you through this. Same goes for all mamlachtim (State worshipers): Everyone knows that what goes around comes around and the way to save yourselves and your communities is through tsuva. Repent for your evil ways of supporting your idols and putting your hopes and aspirations in it and you'll see the difference: Nothing is by chance!

- This is a censored talkback on Migron residents, State sign evacuation deal
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