We Want Jewish Looking, Jewish Thinking Diplomats!


- We Want Jewish Looking, Jewish Thinking Diplomats! The Shabbat desecration that goes on in the diplomatic service in front of the eyes of the nations is an abomination in G-d's eyes and a constant pain and suffering for the Jews. It is no accident that they are targeted, as a) they are the visible top of the secular iceberg and b) Hashem uses our enemies to conway messages. We Want Jewish looking, Jewish Thinking Diplomats Now!

- This is a comment that WAS # 3 on "Bombing Attacks", until it was REMOVED and a censored talkback on Thai official: Iran terrorists targeted Israeli diplomats. It is clear that there are those who present themselves as Jews, yet do not want Jewish looking, Jewish thinking diplomats, diplomats that don't desecrate Shabbat. I would argue that these people are not less enemies of the Jewish people than the Arabs.
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