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- Q1: What if 20 & 21 r knowledgeable Jews?

A1: Impossible. Why? Because knowledgeable Jews know full well that they are supposed to be knowledgeable in Torah and not in other nations’ false religions. The Rambam’s negative mitzvah #10 states: “The exhortation against turning to idolatry and preoccupying oneself with it; that is, looking into and studying those visions and vanities affermed by its founders..” As both 20 & 21 invite me to distinguish between the various xtian denominations, they openly istigate me to “look into and study those visions“, to disregard and act against one of our principal commandments. This by itself is a crime in Jewish Law, so please don’t ask me to have much respect for them and for their requests.

Q2: What if your point of view isn't connected to reality?

A2: Well, here much depends on what you consider “reality”. I don’t like to quote myself, but I will, because the image that quote creates comes handy now: “There are two horizons; one of the sea and one of the sky”. Of course it is not (only) a scientific observation. Rav. Kahane had a famous quote saying: ”There is the illusion of the world and the reality of the Torah. Rabbi Mizrachi explains this concept brilliantly in a 4 minutes shiur here.

Q3: What if the Jewish Bible and all of its commentary represent real knowledge and not just pick and choose as you do?

A3: I think you are using a well known propaganda technique here, by mixing a phrase that is true, namely “the Jewish Bible and all of its commentary represents real knowledge” with a false one: “not just pick and choose as you do”. Even though you connect the two parts with an “and”, they really have nothing to do with one another. You just linked them in order to make it difficult for me to deny the false part without destroying the true part. So, let me reaffirm that I think the first part of your phrase holds true, Torah is the truth, whereas the second part of your phrase is false, I do not pick and choose, as you insinuate.

- This is a censored talkback on Vandals scrawl graffiti on Jerusalem Baptist church
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