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- The "problem" dear Michael, California, is that Israel is NOT America or any other land for that matter. This State is on the Land of Israel, which is a biblical Torah quantity and for Jews, therefore, living here comes with the acceptance of the Torah rules that apply here. Whenever the secular State, or a secular mayor like in this case, goes against halacha, Jewish Law, it turns this biblical Land of G-d into a Sodom, to a town that G-d destroyed, because of its evilness. So, the larger picture behind this seemingly innocent news-item is that there is no point whatsoever in having a non-Jewish Israel. If Israel to be just like any other nation, without its special holiness, it is worthless and has no right to occupy and rule over G-d’s only Holy Land. Not to desecrate Shabbat, by running public transport for example, is therefore a question of life and death for a Jew. That’s why you see Jews rioting in Jerusalem against the opening of a parking lot on the Shabbat or against bakeries that sell chametz (leavened bread) on Pesach: They are fighting for their lives and for the life of Torah and rightly so.
- This is a censored talkback on Huldai: Tel Aviv needs public transportation on Shabbat
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