On The Different Xtian Sects And On G-d's Universal Message: On The Noahides. Re: # 20, 21


- The fact is gentlemen that I do not distinguish between the different sects of xtians. Your differences maybe important to you but from a Jewish perspective, from the outside of your churches, let me assure you, you all look the same: As xtians you all recognize a new book that we do not, because we were told not to ever add to or take away from G-d's original one, which is the Torah. As you all recognize a Jew as your god and pray to him, your internal differences are irrelevant to me. The moment you renounce what I consider idol worshipping and accept upon yourselves G-d’s universal message, the seven Noahide laws, you will appear on my radar. Until then, no.
- This is talkback # 36 on Vandals scrawl graffiti on Jerusalem Baptist church
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