I Don't Understand Why People Buy This Crap


- Since when is it a Jewish idea to ask the people what is right and what is wrong? Is Judaism not about having a set of rules, halacha, Jewish Law and a Jewish administration that enforces it? Why we are so single minded to try to make this Hellenistic concept, "democracy", work for us, at whatever cost? Is it intended for us at the first place? The answer is no, it is not. Jews voted for Hashem in Sinai, for all generations. That vote is in force today as it was in force yesterday as it was in force 3324 years ago. The "democratic process" that we are experiencing in modern day Israel has nothing to do with Judaism and therefore it is pawn to fail us. It may be good for the nations, but the Jews were given a different model to showcase to the world. Essentially, we have eternal, not man-made Laws and a Torah-institutional apparatus to run the show on the Land of Israel. This also is a system with fine checks and balances. The fact that Mr. Feiglin participates in the democratic process that has nothing to do with Judaism is the proof that he does not mean what he says: You can’t get to a Jewish State Moshe, by un-Jewish, goyshe means.

- This is talkback # 15 on Netanyahu big winner of Likud primaries and # 9, 10, 11 on Feiglin Claims Victory in Netanyahu Landslide
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