On Prof. Shevach Weiss


- Prof. Shevach Weiss, a former Knesset speaker and a Holocaust survivor: "Those who choose to go there must be people with pathological problems, something that is not within my profession but complete madness requiring a medical diagnosis."

- ABY: Stalin said the same of his opponents and, because he could, locked them up in mental institutions. Let's be clear on this: This statement of Weiss alone would justify not one but a hundred riots. This whole campaign against Jewish Jews is anti-Semitic. The Golden Calf State treats its Jews as did the nazis treated theirs before Kristalnacht! Finally this truth is out and in an obvious and in a visible form, so even the less sensitive can understand. Beware seculars, the more you hammer the issue, the worse you look!

- This is talkback # 62 on Minister: Haredi Shoah display 'insane'
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