Giulio Meotti's Important Errors


- Meotti, you should have mentioned that Jethro was a convert to Judaism, whereas these xtians we are forced to deal with are fanatic worshippers of their man-god, yeshu. They come to Israel because of him, not because of us. These xtians definitely are NOT like Jethro and mixing Jethro with this covert missionizing è fuorviante, misleading, Meotti. The differences between Jethro and the xtians coming to us now are like the difference between day and night and should make any collaboration with them a taboo for every Jew. Unfortunately this is not the case and people get corrupted by the perceived economic, financial and political benefits. This is anything but new and we know how Hashem deals with these issues. Some innovators even claim today that these xtians are "righteous gentiles", which they certainly are NOT: A gentile can become "righteous" in only one way, by loving Hashem, our G-d, not by loving us. If a gentile accepts Hashem's universal message, the Seven Noahide Laws upon himself, fine, he can stay with us on the Land under certain circumstances. But if he continues to worship his false man-god, than he cannot and those who facilitate him are committing a serious crime, according to Jewish Law. How can a gentile love us if he hates Hashem anyhow? The fact that the secular Yad Vashem museum issues “righteous gentile” certificates to people who helped us does not mean any xtian can be considered that just because he says he loves us and hands over a check or provides other benefits which, by the way, we are not allowed to accept; Not in public and not if it’s not strictly for survival.

- This is a censored talkback on Israel and the Christians
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