Huge Suffering And Anger In The Shomron


- Eliezer Melamed is anything but one of "Religious Zionism's most prominent leaders". He lost much of the support of the people and of the rabbis he once had over his controversial innovation of letting Shomron governor Gershon Mesika-supporter missionaries set up base in his Har Bracha community. Many Jews won't even enter Bracha today, because of the idol worshipping there. Melamed's new ruling, that xtians are to be considered "righteous gentiles" and therefore eligible to be granted "resident alien" status, just because they say they "love us", causes huge suffering and anger amongst the Jews in the Shomron and not only. Some even say that the American evangelists are being brought in by and for Mesika and ask for his resignation: Mesika, if you bring in xtians to the Shomron, we are better off without you!

- This is a censored talkback on Rabbi urges troops to defy orders.
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