We Are Us And They Are Them - The Difference Is Torah!


- Comparing Judaism to islam is like saying that day is night, night is day, right is wrong, and wrong is right, capitalism is socialism and so on. You are saying that Torah is koran and that koran is Torah. That truth is lies and that lies are the truth, that we are them and they are us. I don’t buy into your secular confusion, Bones: Judaism is not Western and Jewish values are not Western values. Judaism is Eastern, ancient, profound, complex, beautiful and - moral. In Judaism morality and legality coincide! So, if the State of Israel for you has to be a non Jewish Western democratic [read Hellenistic] entity, than it really has not much Jewish reasons to be, does it? What’s the point in having a non-Jewish State on G-d’s biblical Land of Israel? Can you please explain this to us? What is the point in having this holiest of Land coerced, against G-d’s will, into a secular strait-jacket, as if it was America and as if the Jews here were Americans?

- This is a comment on Taliban Fighters
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