To Leah Goldsmith On Xtian Zionists


– There is only one way a gentile can become “righteous”: By accepting the Seven Noahide Laws upon himself, which is G-d’s universal message. The fact that the Yad Vashem museum issues “righteous gentile” certificates to those who help Jews is a purely secular exercise, usurping Jewish symbols and Jewish terminology for political, Zionist purposes. Halachicly gentiles do not become “righteous” by “loving us”. They become righteous by loving Hashem. The innovation, according to which the xtians’ love of the Jew is proof of their love of Hashem is false, false-false-false-false-false-false-false and false, in as much as they do not pray to Hashem. They pray to their man-god yeshu, therefore they hate Hashem and our G-d hates them. Therefore, we should categorically reject them, not because of what they do, but because of what they are! Besides, there is no way they can possibly love us, as Jews, if they hate Hashem. Ah sorry, there is one: They love us the way we “love” fish. We eat them.

- This is a comment on a comment on Counterpoint: Christian Zionists Are a Threat
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