May That Day Come Now, Soon, In Our Days!


- Oh yes, they will be honored! May the Day come now, soon, in our days, when the gorgeous Jews who have the - clarity of mind and purity of heart to stand up to the Golden Calf State and to its "IDF" pogrom brigades have squares and streets named after them: When a Teitl Square will replace the Rabin squares in every town and when the Amir Hospital will replace the Rabin Medical Center, we will finally be free! When streets will be named after Dr. Goldstein, peace will come to the world. When we will drive down on Pollard Avenue, there will be justice. May the young Jews who have the courage to stand up to the truth of Torah against the lies and against the deception of the evil, traitorous, ruling establishment, cultural, political AND religious, that serves foreign interests, be blessed and protected by Hashem, our G-d! Let our Constitution, the Torah of Israel, finally rule on the Land of Israel over the People of Israel! May that Day come now, soon, in our days, please G-d! Amen!
- This is comment # 3 on Attacks By Jewish Youth
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