I Am "Afraid" Of Xtians And Of Those Who Prefer Them To Jews


- Indeed all those who love, fear and serve Hashem should reject xtians. Zionists or not Zionists, it does not matter at all. Why? Because Jews do not go by their worldly interests but by halacha, Jewish Law. The innovations of the innovators of the day are called reform "Judaism" and its aim is to change Torah to fit society rather than to do the Jewish thing and change society to fit Torah. Attention: The goal of Jewish settlement is Torah. If the goal is yeshu, we will be vomited out!
- This is talkback # 32 on Op-Ed: Who's Afraid of Christian Zionists?
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Nickidewbear said...

I sorrow that you feel this way. Not all Jewish and gentile Christians proselytize, let alone use Zionism to do see. Do not dread Christians. Happy Hanukkah.