For The Record: "I Will Not Be Intimidated And I Will Not Be Silenced!"

Anonymous said...

Andras Bereny is a queer. He is a lying scumbag that is no more Jewish than the pope. He is hiding in Israel in disguise as a Jew from Italian Police where he stole political party funds..

5:17 PM

Blogger Ariel Ben Yochanan said...

B"H - For a goy fugitive from Italian Police hiding in Israel as a non more Jew than the pope I must be a rather stupid one too, publishing under a fully searchable and consistent ID, including email address and telephone number, mustn't I now, Anonymous 5.17? Anyhow, I am considering bringing this screenshot to my lawyer. The truth is I'm fed up of your spreading denigrating lies on my person on a public web page: I will not be intimidated and I will not be silenced!

6:36 PM

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