What An Incredible, Self-Defeating Paragraph!


- "To overcome the logistical difficulties of making a film in the West Bank, Youssef's main actors had to be from the territories annexed by Israel in 1948, which meant they were Palestinians holding Israeli passports and so could pass through Israeli checkpoints into the West Bank with less hassle". No wonder, the piece is from Reuters
- This is talkback # 7 on Palestinian director overcomes politics
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For The Record: "I Will Not Be Intimidated And I Will Not Be Silenced!"

Anonymous said...

Andras Bereny is a queer. He is a lying scumbag that is no more Jewish than the pope. He is hiding in Israel in disguise as a Jew from Italian Police where he stole political party funds..

5:17 PM

Blogger Ariel Ben Yochanan said...

B"H - For a goy fugitive from Italian Police hiding in Israel as a non more Jew than the pope I must be a rather stupid one too, publishing under a fully searchable and consistent ID, including email address and telephone number, mustn't I now, Anonymous 5.17? Anyhow, I am considering bringing this screenshot to my lawyer. The truth is I'm fed up of your spreading denigrating lies on my person on a public web page: I will not be intimidated and I will not be silenced!

6:36 PM

- These are delated comments on Taliban Fighters
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We Are Us And They Are Them - The Difference Is Torah!


- Comparing Judaism to islam is like saying that day is night, night is day, right is wrong, and wrong is right, capitalism is socialism and so on. You are saying that Torah is koran and that koran is Torah. That truth is lies and that lies are the truth, that we are them and they are us. I don’t buy into your secular confusion, Bones: Judaism is not Western and Jewish values are not Western values. Judaism is Eastern, ancient, profound, complex, beautiful and - moral. In Judaism morality and legality coincide! So, if the State of Israel for you has to be a non Jewish Western democratic [read Hellenistic] entity, than it really has not much Jewish reasons to be, does it? What’s the point in having a non-Jewish State on G-d’s biblical Land of Israel? Can you please explain this to us? What is the point in having this holiest of Land coerced, against G-d’s will, into a secular strait-jacket, as if it was America and as if the Jews here were Americans?

- This is a comment on Taliban Fighters
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To Leah Goldsmith On Xtian Zionists


– There is only one way a gentile can become “righteous”: By accepting the Seven Noahide Laws upon himself, which is G-d’s universal message. The fact that the Yad Vashem museum issues “righteous gentile” certificates to those who help Jews is a purely secular exercise, usurping Jewish symbols and Jewish terminology for political, Zionist purposes. Halachicly gentiles do not become “righteous” by “loving us”. They become righteous by loving Hashem. The innovation, according to which the xtians’ love of the Jew is proof of their love of Hashem is false, false-false-false-false-false-false-false and false, in as much as they do not pray to Hashem. They pray to their man-god yeshu, therefore they hate Hashem and our G-d hates them. Therefore, we should categorically reject them, not because of what they do, but because of what they are! Besides, there is no way they can possibly love us, as Jews, if they hate Hashem. Ah sorry, there is one: They love us the way we “love” fish. We eat them.

- This is a comment on a comment on Counterpoint: Christian Zionists Are a Threat
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The Author And The Shalom Hartman Center


- It should be clear to everyone that Donniel Hartman and his Shalom Hartman Center are outside of Judaism, with a declared goal to modify Torah to fit society rather than to do the Jewish thing and modify society to fit Torah. This is also of course an anti-Jewish piece in as much as Torah can not and must not be defined as "fanatic". And no, "rabbi" Hartman, Hanukah is not the Zionist holiday par excellence. It is a Jewish holiday par excellence and no one is interested in your "Jewish democratic liberal" society. What we want on the Land of Israel is Torah, not your innovations and prohibited “interfaith” relations!

- This is talkback # 11 on Heroism or fanaticism?
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On The Beit Shemes Riots


- Besides, what's the point in having a so called "Jewish State" and run it as if it was San Francisco? Let's make no mistake about this: muslims have tens of huge States running according to their book and so do xtians. When on xmas eve the popo talks to the whole world in more than 70 languages, it is taken for granted. The only people who have nothing, zero, are the religious Jews. If Israel wants to be just like all the other nations, Esau and Ishmael, what a Jew supposed to do? Let it happen? The answer of course is NO! On Chanukah we celebrate the Jewish victory over the Hellenists!

- This is a comment on Boom!
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Rav. Zuriel On Xtians Brought Into Judea And Samaria

בס"ד כ"ד חשון, תשע"ב

לכבוד אחים יקרים, תושבי יש"ע, ה' יברכם!

נשאלתי בענין מה היחס הראוי בו צריכים להתייחס לנוצרים הבאים לגור בינינו. זו היא שאלה קשה, כי מצד אחד הם מצהירים שברצונם לעזור לנו במלחמתנו נגד אויבינו הערבים שנוקטים בשיטות טרור נגדנו, ויש כאן שאלה של פקוח נפש. ואנו צריכים לכל עזרה שאפשר להשיג.

אבל מצד שני, יש "פקוח נפש" אחר. שלא יזיקו לנו באמונתנו. שלא יצודדו נפשות שיתקרבו יותר ויותר לרעיון הנצרות. חשש זה מתחזק יותר לענין הצעירים שלנו, נערים ונערות, שאם מדברים אליהם בעדינות ובנימוסים יפים, עלולים להתפתות. ויש כבר שמועות שחלק של המהגרים הנוצרים שבאים לגור ביש"ע, הם מסיונרים, והם מחלקים חוברות חומר הסברה וגם בשיחות אישיות מסבירים שבח ותהלה לאותו האיש, יש"ו. ויש כאן סכנה גדולה אפילו אם היה מדובר בנפש אדם בודד ההולך לאיבוד. כל שכן שהחשש הוא לרבים, ולא "רק" לאדם אחד.

צריכים אנו לחזור לדברי הרמב"ם (הל' עבודה זרה, סוף פרק עשירי) הקובע שאין לתת לשום גוי לגור ביננו עד שיקבל עליו ז' מצוות בני נח. וברור ברמב"ם (הלכות מאכלות אסורות, פרק יא הלכה ז) שאמנם הישמעאלים אינם מוגדרים כעובדי עבודה זרה. אבל הנוצרים הם בהחלט נחשבים עובדי עבודה זרה.

חשוב לציין דברי החזון איש, שאפילו לפי דעת המקילים, זה רק אמור אם מקיים ז' מצוות בני נח מפני שהקב"ה ציוה אותנו בהם בהר סיני. ואם הנכרי מקיים המצוות מפני הכרע שכלו אין זה נחשב "מקיים" (כך כתב הרמב"ם, בהלכות מלכים, סוף פרק ח). לכן כותב "חזון איש" (זרעים, דף 298 פסקא ג) יש לחשוש שהנכרים הללו לא ידביקו אותנו בכפירתם, כלומר במה שהם כופרים בסמכות של מעמד הר סיני. עד כאן דבריו. די לנו הכופרים הישראליים. אננו צריכים לייבוא נוסף של כופרים נכרים.

לכן מוטל על כל איש ואשה להזהר מהנוצרים האלו. אמנם יש להתנהג עמהם בנימוס וכבוד, בדרך ארץ (עיין מדרש קהלת רבה, פרשה יא). ודאי חלילה להזיק להם בגוף או ממון. אבל חלילה להתחבר אליהם, חלילה להשכיר להם דירה. חלילה לתת להם עבודה. עדיף לנו שיעזבו את ארצנו.

כן דברי האוהב אתכם, ורוצה בטובתכם באמת.

משה צוריאל

מחבר "אוצרות הרב קוק" 
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There Is Only One "Reconciliation"


- Accept Hashem as He accepts only one "reconciliation". Goyim are not allowed to invent gods for themselves and G-d's universal message is the Seven Noahide Laws, not the xtian yeshu. These people are impostors and Judaism does not allow for "interfaith dialogue": Alon Goshen-Gottstein is a heretic, right outside of Judaism.
- This is talkback # 5 on Modern-day crusade reaches Israel
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I Am "Afraid" Of Xtians And Of Those Who Prefer Them To Jews


- Indeed all those who love, fear and serve Hashem should reject xtians. Zionists or not Zionists, it does not matter at all. Why? Because Jews do not go by their worldly interests but by halacha, Jewish Law. The innovations of the innovators of the day are called reform "Judaism" and its aim is to change Torah to fit society rather than to do the Jewish thing and change society to fit Torah. Attention: The goal of Jewish settlement is Torah. If the goal is yeshu, we will be vomited out!
- This is talkback # 32 on Op-Ed: Who's Afraid of Christian Zionists?
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One Thing Is Saying Things, The Other Is Doing


- Gershon Mesika's Liaison Office is busy bringing in xtians to the Shomron and therefore actively contributes to our destruction here.
- This is talkback # 2 on Jews Light Samaria Highway with Menorahs for Festival of Lights
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JNF Becomes Project HEART Sponsor


- That JNF becomes Project HEART sponsor is not such a good news as that organization is now known for distributing Jewish assets to Arabs. I wouldn't want to see potential restitution funds given to the Arabs of Israel or to PA Arabs maybe on a "democratic" quota basis or in a new Peres effort to appease the Arabs and buy their "peace".
- This is a talkback on JNF becomes Project HEART sponsor
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Esav, Ishmael or Israel?

- Ynetnews: “..joint flight sessions.. an opportunity for Italy to become familiar with the Israeli Air Force's special ground equipment."
- ABY: Why Italy (Esav) has to be “familiar” with Israel’s ground gear? Are we the same? If the State of Israel behaves as if it was Esav, where is the Jewish State? What is this longing to train with Turkey? (They don't fly well :) There is something seriously gone wrong here: A generation of un-Jewish people grew up here, on the Land of Israel, forgetting who they are and what they are.
- This is talkback # 2 on Video: Israeli-Italian aerial drill
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May That Day Come Now, Soon, In Our Days!


- Oh yes, they will be honored! May the Day come now, soon, in our days, when the gorgeous Jews who have the - clarity of mind and purity of heart to stand up to the Golden Calf State and to its "IDF" pogrom brigades have squares and streets named after them: When a Teitl Square will replace the Rabin squares in every town and when the Amir Hospital will replace the Rabin Medical Center, we will finally be free! When streets will be named after Dr. Goldstein, peace will come to the world. When we will drive down on Pollard Avenue, there will be justice. May the young Jews who have the courage to stand up to the truth of Torah against the lies and against the deception of the evil, traitorous, ruling establishment, cultural, political AND religious, that serves foreign interests, be blessed and protected by Hashem, our G-d! Let our Constitution, the Torah of Israel, finally rule on the Land of Israel over the People of Israel! May that Day come now, soon, in our days, please G-d! Amen!
- This is comment # 3 on Attacks By Jewish Youth
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G-d Bless The Jews!


- May G-d bless and protect the brave young Jews who have the courage and stand up to the Golden Calf State and to its shameful "IDF" pogroms brigades which brutalize the Jews they think they rule over.
- This is talkback # 22 on Rabbi Amar Warns Against Civil War - Calls for Dialogue
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State Is And Wants To Be Seen Against Torah, G-d


- Chances are Hashem will not like this. Chances are He will destroy the State of Israel as we know it.

This is a censored talkback on IDF razes 2 structures in Mitzpe Yitzhar
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PM, Barak, Ministers


- PM, Barak, ministers, IDF, [with other words the establishment], are just covering their back-sedes with tough talk. They don't want to admit they are responsible for major mistakes in handling Jews in Israel.

- This is talkback # 13 on Gov't mulls deeming far-Right violence 'terror
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B"H - Idolatrous: Please dislike and ask people to dislike this xtianist garbage

To dislike this video please click on YouTube. This will take you to the YouTube website and you can dislike this video there by clicking on the thumb down button. At the time of posting there were 84 likes and 7 dislikes. Now there are more than 300 likes and only 20 dislikes. This is not good. Please share this item into your profiles and ask your friends to stand up for a Jewish Israel.
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IDF Like Jordanian Army


– Don’t call them “settlers” and don’t call them “hilltop youth” either! They are Jews. Torah Jews. G-d bless the brave Torah Jews who rise up against these secularist pogroms. Careful with this "law and order" slogan: Hitler was elected lawfully and was within the civil law, well, most of the time. When civil law goes against the Law of G-d on the Land of Israel, attention, than you can expect only violence.
- This is a censored talkback on Settlers raid IDF base, injure commander
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Imagine The Assimilation: "A Roman Jew"!

B"H - No wonder the chief rabbi of Rome invites the pope to the Synagogue and he comes with his cardinals or whats, all with their huge golden crosses on. Pacifici even delivered a speach to him.
- This is talkback # 1 on Rome's mayor meets Shalit in Mitzpe Hila
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The Palestinians Are Sent To Us By Hashem, By Our G-d


- In Deut 32:21 Hashem tells us: "They [the Jews] provoked Me with a non-god [with the secular State-idol], angered Me with their vanities [with "democracy", with thinking that WE command, that WE are strong]; so shall I provoke them with a non-people [the palestinians], with a vile nation shall I anger them."
Moral of the story is that we can't combat the palis with the idf, we have to make tsuva as a nation and return to proper Torah observance. This includes replacing knesset and supreme court with Torah institutions and with Torah processes.
- This is talkback # 135 on Gingrich: Palestinians an 'invented' people and censored on Arutz Sheva's Gingrich Says ‘Enough Lying about the Middle East’
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What Makes Us Strong? The IDF Or Hashem?

Parashat Vayishlach - Jewish Photosynthesis by Rabbi Eli Mansour

B"H - We read in Parashat Vayishlah of the angel that attacked Yaakob Abinu as he made his way back to Eretz Yisrael from the home of Laban. The Rabbis teach us that this angel was Satan himself. Every nation has a heavenly angel that advocates on its behalf, so-to-speak, in the heavens. Satan “volunteered” for the job of being the angel of the nation established by Esav, which represents evil and the antithesis of everything that Am Yisrael is meant to represent. Satan’s attack on Yaakob Abinu was launched in order to prevent Yaakob Abinu from establishing Am Yisrael, the nation that would, for all eternity, struggle against the evil of Esav. Fortunately, Yaakob Abinu won this battle, and although he was injured, symbolizing a diminution of Am Yisrael’s power, nevertheless, he triumphed over Satan and indeed we, his descendants, are still able to wage this struggle against the evil spiritual forces in the world.

Rav Elhanan Wasserman (1874-1941) raised the question of why Satan waited until the emergence of the third of our patriarchs before launching this assault. Why did he not try to attack Abraham Abinu, who founded the nation that was destined to be Satan’s nemesis? Wouldn’t it have been wiser for Satan to try to “nip it in the bud,” to cut off Am Yisrael at its very root, the moment Abraham Abinu came onto the scene? And even if, for whatever reason, Satan deemed it unwise to launch this assault against Abraham, why did he not attack during the time of Yishak? Why did he wait until the time of Yaakob?

Rav Wasserman answered this question by analyzing the particular points of strength of the three patriarchs. They were all towering spiritual figures, but each had his own “specialty,” his unique forte, if you will. Abraham excelled especially in the area of Hesed, loving kindness. But although he bequeathed this quality to his descendants, and Am Yisrael has always distinguished itself through its generosity, charity is not a uniquely Jewish quality. Many gentiles are also selfless and giving, as are many non-observant and unaffiliated Jews. Satan did not launch his attack against Abraham, because a nation that is defined primarily by Hesed is not guaranteed to endure. He did not feel threatened by Abraham, because a nation built mainly around loving-kindness, as important as this quality certainly is, will not likely last.

Yishak, too, did not pose an immediate risk to Satan. Yishak, who was offered as a sacrifice, signifies the quality of prayer (which is associated with sacrifices). Prayer, like Hesed, is a crucial aspect of religious life, but does not guarantee Am Yisrael’s survival. Many synagogues here in the United States and elsewhere were unable to continue past the first generation after their establishment. Satan did not feel threatened by Yishak because he knew that praying is not enough to produce another loyal generation of God-fearing Jews.

Yaakob Abinu, however, posed a grave threat to Satan. Yaakob is described as a “Yosheb Ohalim” (“tent-dweller”), a devoted student of Torah. His outstanding quality was Torah learning. Once Yaakob came onto the scene, Satan realized he was in trouble. A nation that devotes itself to learning and education is guaranteed to endure. If there are yeshivot where children are trained and educated to follow the nation’s laws, values and customs, the nation will continue to reproduce itself, generation after generation. And this is why Satan launched an attack against Yaakob. Seeing Yaakob’s commitment to Torah, Satan realized that Yaakob is indeed capable of producing an eternal nation that will hinder his attempts to promote evil. He therefore attacked Yaakob, and although he succeeded in inflicting an injury, making it more difficult for Yaakob and his descendants to fulfill their mission in the world, Yaakob prevailed.

Needless to say, every aspect of Judaism is critically important and may not be ignored. But we can learn from Satan that Torah education is what holds the key to Jewish survival. Satan can handle packed synagogues on Shabbat and charity events, but Torah learning is his kryptonite. It is our greatest weapon against him.

In nature there is a process called photosynthesis which is vital for life. Plants receive energy from the sun, and they process this energy in order to produce oxygen. Without this process, of course, we would not be able to live. In Judaism, we have another kind of “photosynthesis,” which occurs not in plants, but within our precious children. The children receive the “energy” from the Torah, and with this spiritual force they produce our “oxygen” – the key to our survival. When we send our children off to school to learn Torah, we are doing our part to produce our nation’s “oxygen,” ensuring our continued existence.

Torah study is the ammunition we need to fight the Satan. The more we invest in Torah education, the more successful we will be in this ongoing battle, and ensure that Kedusha will prevail and triumph over evil.

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On German U-boats Sold Us On Condition That We Give The PA Arabs $100 Million A Month, Every Month

B"H - Is it so difficult to build a "U-boat" on our own? Do we really have to have a fleet of Mercedes U-boats? Wouldn't Fiat or Renault submarines do? They are second strike retaliatory weapons anyhow. By the time Israel would ever use them, there will be no Israel. It is well know that MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction does not work with suicide-bomber-minded States. Something seems to be seriously flown with this military. Not by chance Israel is called the only mediocracy in the Middle East.
- This is talkback # 15 on Merkel Beat Netanyahu at Poker over Submarine Sale
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Wake Up Mamlachtim: State Is Not Jewish

- This is talkback # 33 on Itamar Neighborhood in Fogel's Memory Ransacked by Govt Forces
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On Joshua Waller


- If you believed in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Joshua Waller, you wouldn't pray to yeshu, your god, would you? Aren't you a liar Josh, just like your father? Clever xtian missionaries trying to outsmart the Jews? Don't you worry Josh, we know exactly why our G-d, Hashem, sent you in our midst: To show Him and to us who His precious Jews are and who are the rotten impostors, the ones just like you. Ah, you can cancel this comment, it is up on the web anyhow.
- This is a censored comment on "I Believe" | Joshua Waller | Official Music Video
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Xtianists Don't Stop In Front Of Anything!

Ariel Ben Yochanan has left a new comment on the post "Holiday Spirits 2011":

B"H - I'm rather disappointed Bones that an Anonymous xtianist can come up on your blog and repeatedly print denigrating material on my person, in an effort to discredit my reasoned argument for Jews not to make or send xmas greetings to goyim.

After all, there is a comments moderation function on blogger.com that most responsible bloggers use and that, for whatever reason, you decided not to activate. So, I herby require you to manually remove the material from this comments thread that is denigrating to my person and can seriously damage my reputation. I am also looking into the legal implications of your carelessness
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