WARNING: What Follows Is A Conspiracy Theory


- Excellent! I think however it is time to jump the fence and say it out loud: This so-called "Jewish State" has zero, nil, nougt, none, zip, zilch Jewish content: It is a Golden Calf State and it is goyshe against Hashem and it is goyshe against its Jews, by design! The only thing it does for Jews is the bare minimum in order to confuse them and to deceive them into accepting and to serve its goyshe institutions, so that the foreign influenced and foreign-interests serving rulers can keep their power and rule over the Jews on the G-d given Land of Israel. Rav. Lior is right, any meaningful Torah that is not home & shul is outlawed and brutally repressed here.

- This is a comment on "Rabbi Lior: There is No Freedom of Speech in Israel"
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