Short Manifesto


Dear William,

- Thank you for your interest in Torah and the problems "settlers" are facing. As I don't know you I googled your email address and did not find any reference of you being Jewish. As far as your Jewish Yisrael membership is concerned this is a problem, because according to Torah only Jews can contribute to the development of the history of Israel, which is the declared goal of the group.

Having said that let me point out to you that the original project of the mailing-list is now largely overtaken by the event of the blogsphere and you are welcome to follow http://www.thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com.

The basic idea is that Torah is the G-d given Constitution of the Jews and that it gives us specific instructions also on what institutions to establish on the Land and on how to run them.

Having this in mind it is clear that the present State of Israel is not what is required from the Jewish people to strive for and to support and so the political horizon is to at least abstain from the vote.

30 plus per cent of Israelis already do this, so even if we are not a homogeneous group, we don’t start from scratch: Non voters are in fact the biggest slice on the cake-chart and the highest column on the bar-chart. So, we should make our alternative voice be heard.

It has been said that only what we think of as possible is possible. I think our job today is to make Torah seen by the Jews as a possibility: That it is not something to contemplate just in the synagogue, but rather a full time life experience, a project to implement around the clock, 24/7.

- This is a reply sent out to a William. I think it is relevant to all Jews, so I put it up here.
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