Shallow, Un-Jewish Thinking


- How sad! Here is an "Israeli" who's first thought after receiving Hashem's blessed rain on the Land after 2000 years of deadly exile is: "winter is our first and last hope to wake up in the morning and think that maybe, by coincidence, or by mistake, without knowing it, we were accepted into the European bloc..". Well, talk for yourself Shaked! There are those of us here, and in great numbers thanks G-d, insane Jews according to you, who do not want to be accepted into the European block, who do not in fact want anything to do with the Europeans! Some of us went into great lengths to get away from them! Not just because they kept burning us alive for centuries and would keep doing so only if they could, but because they put themselves, again, on a wrong pass. I am talking about the European Union that does away with democracy in Europe. The European Parliament, in fact is a parliament only in name. It has no legislative power, it is only a consultative body: A huge deception! The real legislative power in Europe is solidly in the hands of the Council, a body made up by unelected nominees of the governments of the member States. What does it mean? It means that Europe done away with its democracy, with the separation of powers and through the EU it allows the governments to legislate. This concentration of powers in the hands of the executive of course is well known and Europe had it before: It is called totalitarism. So Jews in general and Israelis in particular, instead of longing for it, should be the first ones to denounce it in the strongest of terms and declare it inadmissible. Rainy season Sheked, indeed!

- This is a censored talkback on In love with Israeli winter
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