Let's Not Forget


- Let's not forget that while Israelis by and large like Italy, it cannot be said that this sentiment is returned by that society. Catholicism and socialism both contribute greatly to the anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli attitude. There is a television program called The Hyenas for example, on Berlusconi's own Italia 1 channel, which recently beamed out a number of broadcasts from Gaza and from the "Tunnels of Gaza", totally accepting the Hamas narrative. It is almost impossible to find a fair article on Israel in the Italian press and left leaning or xtian "pro-peace" so called "Friends of Israel" associations are but the norm. The sons and daughters of the Romans are not even aware, because they are not taught, of their historical role in shaping today’s world by the destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple and provoking the Diaspora. The Italian press routinely calls the Temple Mount the "Clearing of the Mosques" and even in the midst of the debt crisis Italian funds are pouring in to the PA coffers by the millions, either directly or through the EU.

- This is talkback # 1 on Berlusconi to resign after political setback
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