Iran, Shalit, Stocks - and Messiah?


- When Netanyahu approved the Shalit deal I knew a war was coming. It wouldn't have made sense otherwise. I have reason to believe that while publically opposing Israel, privately America will approve, might even pitch in. Certainty is about to replace uncertainty. Stock markets will explode in euphoria from Tokyo to New York and the dollar, euro and yen will rise in value. Commodities like oil, gold and silver, T-bills will fall. Obama needs this war and needs to win it quick. I am bullish. Ah, at last but not at least, Hashem, our G-d is on our side, so Islamism will suffer another blow and the world will be a safer, more predictable, less crazy of a place. People will start to talk about the inevitability and timely building the 3rd Temple ..

- This is a censored talkback on How will Israel attack Iran?
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