Hey, I Like This Sub. I Wonder How The Interior Looks Like!

B"H - It has swimming-pool style large steps at the stern, so if you jump into the water at the bow and swim around the boat, you can comfortably climb out and repeat the operation as many times as you want, until you get tired or fed up, whichever comes first. The deck also looks spacious enough to hang out the laundry to dry, which is a plus, if you think about it and consider the quality of life on board. The appointment of the two comfortable deck chairs on the top of the tower for him & her are also a nice innovation that we haven not seen elsewhere and they certainly transmit a sense of relax and a promise of unforgetable sun-set views in a most romantic of settings. The only thing I don't like about this boat is the color. I wonder if they have it in white & blue? If they did, I'd buy one straight away, local laws permitting.
Disclaimer: I hereby declare that I do not hold shares in the company that makes these submarines and that this comment cannot be considered advertising nor it is an offer or a suggestion to buy. Before buying a submarine you are advised to check out the characteristics yourself and to use good judgment.
- This is a censored talkback on Iran launches 3 new submarines
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