To The Far Too Many Haredi Bashing Talkbackers


- You forget, my dear secular and secularist friends, that there is no point whatsoever in "defending Israel" if it's without Torah. The larger and ultimate purpose of us being here is to be Hashem's holy people and to be seen as such by the nations.
- This is talkback # 24 on Haredim shouldn’t join army
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Let The Xtians Be "Angry"

B"H - There is a lot of confusion here. Xtians maybe friends of Israel, that doesn't make them friends of Hashem. Just because they "love us", they don't love Hashem and that is precisely what is required from them for us to be "nice" with them. Turn Noahide, renounce yeshu and we'll be nice to you. If not, leave us alone, go back where you came from. We don't need you here, on our G-d given Holy Land!
- This is talkback # 29 on Christian Tourists Angry at Discrimination at Outpost
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Hey, I Like This Sub. I Wonder How The Interior Looks Like!

B"H - It has swimming-pool style large steps at the stern, so if you jump into the water at the bow and swim around the boat, you can comfortably climb out and repeat the operation as many times as you want, until you get tired or fed up, whichever comes first. The deck also looks spacious enough to hang out the laundry to dry, which is a plus, if you think about it and consider the quality of life on board. The appointment of the two comfortable deck chairs on the top of the tower for him & her are also a nice innovation that we haven not seen elsewhere and they certainly transmit a sense of relax and a promise of unforgetable sun-set views in a most romantic of settings. The only thing I don't like about this boat is the color. I wonder if they have it in white & blue? If they did, I'd buy one straight away, local laws permitting.
Disclaimer: I hereby declare that I do not hold shares in the company that makes these submarines and that this comment cannot be considered advertising nor it is an offer or a suggestion to buy. Before buying a submarine you are advised to check out the characteristics yourself and to use good judgment.
- This is a censored talkback on Iran launches 3 new submarines
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WARNING: What Follows Is A Conspiracy Theory


- Excellent! I think however it is time to jump the fence and say it out loud: This so-called "Jewish State" has zero, nil, nougt, none, zip, zilch Jewish content: It is a Golden Calf State and it is goyshe against Hashem and it is goyshe against its Jews, by design! The only thing it does for Jews is the bare minimum in order to confuse them and to deceive them into accepting and to serve its goyshe institutions, so that the foreign influenced and foreign-interests serving rulers can keep their power and rule over the Jews on the G-d given Land of Israel. Rav. Lior is right, any meaningful Torah that is not home & shul is outlawed and brutally repressed here.

- This is a comment on "Rabbi Lior: There is No Freedom of Speech in Israel"
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New Edition Of The Jewish Blog Carnival's Up


- New edition of Haveil Havalim's up. http://esseragaroth.blogspot.com/2011/11/haveil-havalim-340-krembo-edition.html
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IDF Jewish? Why?

B"H - Why Rav. Levanon thinks the IDF is Jewish is a mystery to me. What's Jewish about it? Nothing. It's true, Hashem grants it His miracles, but that doesn't say anything about its Jewishness. It says it fights (some of) Israel's wars.
- This is talkback # 13 on Gantz: Everyone must partake in defending Israel
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The Army, The State, The Soldier And G-d


- The army of the Golden Calf State is clearly not Jewish as it is. The oath of allegiance to civil law and to the legal command-structure makes this concept visible and obvious: Jews wowed allegiance to Hashem, to our G-d, under the Mount in Sinai, not to Netanyahu and not to Barak!
- This is talkback # 2 on 'Troops will die rather than listen to women
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Short Manifesto


Dear William,

- Thank you for your interest in Torah and the problems "settlers" are facing. As I don't know you I googled your email address and did not find any reference of you being Jewish. As far as your Jewish Yisrael membership is concerned this is a problem, because according to Torah only Jews can contribute to the development of the history of Israel, which is the declared goal of the group.

Having said that let me point out to you that the original project of the mailing-list is now largely overtaken by the event of the blogsphere and you are welcome to follow http://www.thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com.

The basic idea is that Torah is the G-d given Constitution of the Jews and that it gives us specific instructions also on what institutions to establish on the Land and on how to run them.

Having this in mind it is clear that the present State of Israel is not what is required from the Jewish people to strive for and to support and so the political horizon is to at least abstain from the vote.

30 plus per cent of Israelis already do this, so even if we are not a homogeneous group, we don’t start from scratch: Non voters are in fact the biggest slice on the cake-chart and the highest column on the bar-chart. So, we should make our alternative voice be heard.

It has been said that only what we think of as possible is possible. I think our job today is to make Torah seen by the Jews as a possibility: That it is not something to contemplate just in the synagogue, but rather a full time life experience, a project to implement around the clock, 24/7.

- This is a reply sent out to a William. I think it is relevant to all Jews, so I put it up here.
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On Yigal Amir


- If Yigal Amir was Arab, he'd be at home by now. What joke of a goyshe State secular Zionists established on G-d's Holy Land!

- This is a censored talkback on Yigal Amir prayer request denied
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Shallow, Un-Jewish Thinking


- How sad! Here is an "Israeli" who's first thought after receiving Hashem's blessed rain on the Land after 2000 years of deadly exile is: "winter is our first and last hope to wake up in the morning and think that maybe, by coincidence, or by mistake, without knowing it, we were accepted into the European bloc..". Well, talk for yourself Shaked! There are those of us here, and in great numbers thanks G-d, insane Jews according to you, who do not want to be accepted into the European block, who do not in fact want anything to do with the Europeans! Some of us went into great lengths to get away from them! Not just because they kept burning us alive for centuries and would keep doing so only if they could, but because they put themselves, again, on a wrong pass. I am talking about the European Union that does away with democracy in Europe. The European Parliament, in fact is a parliament only in name. It has no legislative power, it is only a consultative body: A huge deception! The real legislative power in Europe is solidly in the hands of the Council, a body made up by unelected nominees of the governments of the member States. What does it mean? It means that Europe done away with its democracy, with the separation of powers and through the EU it allows the governments to legislate. This concentration of powers in the hands of the executive of course is well known and Europe had it before: It is called totalitarism. So Jews in general and Israelis in particular, instead of longing for it, should be the first ones to denounce it in the strongest of terms and declare it inadmissible. Rainy season Sheked, indeed!

- This is a censored talkback on In love with Israeli winter
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G-d Will Never Amend Or Exchange His Law For Any Other One For All Eternity

ברוך שלא עשני גוי
 דעת התורה על אומות העולם למיניהם, לדורותם, היא די ברורה. באחת הפסקים בו מתגלה היחס הזה,בצורה כמעט מסכמת, מופיע, בשולחן ערוך המחבר. "אומות העולם שלא עושות איתנו מלחמה, לא מורידים ולא מעלים." כהשלמה לזה אנחנו מוצאים בדברי רשב"י,הטוב שבכותים (גויים) בשעת מלחמה הרוג טוב שבנחשים רצוץ מוחו...".(מסכת סופרים ט"ו ) זוהו. או שמתעלמים מהם או אם הם מפריעים לעבודת ה'-מיגור. כך יהודי חשב-חושב. בג'רבה, פריס, או ברוקלין. אפילו בתל אביב החילונית. ולמה ככה? "אתם קורין אדם ואין הגויים קורין אדם. (יבמות סא). נכון יש הגלות ,צרכי פרנסה,דרכי שלום,ויחסים דיפלומטים. אבל כל זה הוא פרפראות.
  בברכות הבוקר אנחנו אומרים "ברוך שלא עשני גוי".  אחת הפירושים על הברכה הוא ברוך ה' שאני יהודי, שמחשבותיי, ערכיי,הליכותיי, הם של ישראל. ברוך ה' שאומות העולם לא שלטו עלי כל-כך שהם כה השפיעו על החשיבה שלי, שלמעשה, הם יצרו אותו לפי רצונם. ברוך ה' שלא איבדתי את עצמאותי ולא הסירו תורת ה' מעל לשוני, זולת, שאלו, הגויים, מכתיבים לי מה שיצא מפי, ח"ו.
לפני חודשים מספר,בעיתון,המופץ ברחבי יהודה ושומרון,הופיע מאמר, אשר כותרתו,הייתה צריכה להיות "שלום רב למכחישי תורתך". כאילו נוכרים השתלטו על כותב המאמר  והוא נכנע לבקשתם. כמו גלעד שליט הצנום, בסרט וידאו של החמס.יהודי פשוט, ובריא, וחופשי, לא חושב ככה. ברוך ה' שלא עשני גויי.
 קודם כל כמה נקודות פשוטות וברורות.
"נוצרות היא עבודה זרה."( יום עיון על נוצרות- ישיבת עטרת כהנים י"ז בניסן תש"ע.)
אסור לכל אחת, נוכרי או ישראל לעבוד עבודה זרה, במיוחד בארץ ישראל.
אסור להניח נוצרים,כותים ,צדוקים,קראים,או יהודים רפורמים לחדש דת חדשה ובמיוחד, בארץ ישראל.
מענישים עובדי עבודה זרה ומחדשי דת, ובמיוחד, בארץ ישראל.

אותו נקודות באות לידי ביטוי בהלכות הבסיסיות של נדון דנן.
עיקר הציווי בעבודה כוכבים שלא לעבוד אחד מכל הברואים לא מלאך ולא גלגל ולא כוכב ולא מארבעה היסודות ולא מכל הנבראים... ."( רמב"ם הלכות עבודת כוכבים ב,א) 
כל המודה בעבודה זרה שהיא אמת.. זה מחרף ומגדף את השם הנכבד ונורא....לפיכך תולים עובד עבודת כוכבים כמו שתולים את המגדף ושניהם נסקלים. ..".  (שם ב,ו)
כל ע"ז שבית דין של ישראל ממיתין עליה בן נח נהרג עליה. (הלכות מלכים ט,ב)
מי שאינו  מודה בתורה שבעל פה ... הרי זה בכלל אפיקורוסין.מאחר שנתפרסם שהוא כופר בתורה שבעל פה ...(נשמטה כאן דרגת עונשו).הרי הוא כשאר כל האפיקורוסין והאומרין אין תורה מן השמים והמוסרין והמומרין.( הלכות ממרים ג,א וגם ב)
עכו"ם (נוכרי)שעסק  בתורה חייב... לא יעסוק אלא בשבע מצוות שלהן בלבד. ...אין מניחים אותן לחדש דת לעשות מצוות לעצמן מדעתן ...מודיעין אותו שהוא חייב מיתה על זה....(הלכות מלכים י,ט)
.מסתובבים בינינו ביהודה ושומרון בשנים האחרונות, וביתר שאת, עכשיו, נוצרים,מפיצי עבודה זרה, בגלוי או לא בגלוי, בהווה, או בעבר. כל אלו,מעצם העובדה שהם שייכים לאירגוני עכ"ם האלו, הם חסרי ההכנעה לשם ועמו הנדרשת כדי הם יזכו שאנחנו נקבלם.  יתייצבו מלכי הארץ ורוזנים נוסדו יחד על ה' ועל ה' ועל משיחו. (תהילים ב) לכן הובאו הנקודות לעיל על מנת להבהיר את זה בעליל. כל  פיטפוטי דמלתא בעלמא שלהם, על העם הנבחר והתגשמות הנבואה לא מסתירים עזות מצחם. גם סיועם הכספית וגופנית הוא כחזיר מפריס פרסה האומר כשר אני. מטרתם בזה ניתן ללימוד מהגמרא. חסד אומות חטאת-כל צדקה וחסד שאומות העולם עושין, חטא הוא להון שאין מכוונין אלא להתגדל בו. (בבא קמא י) כל יהודי נורמאלי  מבין את זה. ברוך ה' שלא עשני גוי.
מה עם אילוצי השעה? המעמד של ישראל קשה והמוסלמים מתחזקים לגשרינו מישובי יהודה ושומרון ח"ו.יש יהודים שרוצים לכרות ברית עם אותם עכ"ם.אבל עם  המשך ישיבתינו שם תבוא תמורת
החדרת  ובניית תשתית לנוצרים ודתם החוצפנית ונלוזה, אולי עדיף שהממשלה העליזה והמוסלמים יעקרו אותנו משם ומהטאומה שאנו מביאים במו ידינו על עצמינו בסיוע לע"ז. תארו לעצמכם, עם לאותם גורמים, הייתה היכולת להביא נוצרות להר הבית . לעת עתה, כנראה, הקדוש ברוך הוא וממוניו, המוסלמים,מצילינו מידם.וגם מהייסורים של נשיאת עול העוונות של ע"ז. ברוך ה' שלא עשני גוי.
 אחת מגדולי המלומדים של דורינו, יראה שמיים גדול,מביא באחת מספריו,מהסידור של האר"י ז"ל.שם יש פירוש על  הברכה,"שלא עשני גוי".הובא שמברכים כל בקר ולא פעם בחיים. היראה שמיים
מסביר, שבעת שינה, ניצוצות של גויים עלולים להתערב בנשמה, ח"ו. מקבלתינו את ע"ז, התמוהה ולא מובנת, ביהודה  ושומרון ,חוששני שזה קורה. אבל יד ה' תמיד על העליונה. בעזרת ה, אנחנו נחזור לעצמינו,"להעביר גילולים מן הארץ האלילים כרות יכרתו".                ברוך ה' שלא עשני גוי.

- This is a guest author's piece and a censored comment on Congressmen with 'Judeo-Christian Spirit' Tour Heartland. Credit is omitted on request

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"Religious" Zionism


- "Religious" Zionism is seen by more and more Jews as idol worshipping the State. Stadlar's article is a reflection of this: Whenever Statenics act against Torah there will be violence in Israel as Hashem, our G-d, keeps a close eye on this Land. You seculars can fill up your mouths with the (civil) “law of the land” and with “democracy”, for many here there is a higher authority. If what you do is against Torah, chances are it won't pass smoothly.

- This is talkback # 17 on The Yitzhak Rabin stain
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There Is Another Way To Look At It - Mine :)


- What if the war [on Iran] replaced the general sense of uncertainty with certainty? What if stock exchanges reacted with euphoria, causing commodity prices like oil, gold and silver to shrink? What if dollar and euro reinforced? With other words, I'm bullish. The rest is politics.
- This is talkback # 4 on Clal says costs too high for Iran strike
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Re # 11, #14


- It is impossible to "stand proud" with the IDF as the IDF has no Jewish values, it is not run according to Torah and it is the only standing official army in the whole world today that lets itself to be used to destroy Jews, Jewish property and synagogues. What is worst, it carries out its pogroms on the Holy Land G-d gives to the Jews, a huge and public Chilul Hashem (desecration of G-d's Name). The IDF is an ant-Jewish force on G-d's Land and no Jews shall serve it: Jews wowed their oath of allegiance to Hashem, to our G-d, under the Mount in Sinai. These thugs promise to give even their lives for a replacement god, for the legal command-structure of the State, a reference to an idol, to a purely human command of other, Torah-hating thugs.

- This is a censored talkback on Israeli accidentally killed by IDF fire
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Italian Assets


- Italian assets are high risk, high income chioces. I'd say 7.2% return on the 10 year bond is not to spit on.

- This is talkback # 1 on Italian crisis to affect Bank Leumi?
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Iran, Shalit, Stocks - and Messiah?


- When Netanyahu approved the Shalit deal I knew a war was coming. It wouldn't have made sense otherwise. I have reason to believe that while publically opposing Israel, privately America will approve, might even pitch in. Certainty is about to replace uncertainty. Stock markets will explode in euphoria from Tokyo to New York and the dollar, euro and yen will rise in value. Commodities like oil, gold and silver, T-bills will fall. Obama needs this war and needs to win it quick. I am bullish. Ah, at last but not at least, Hashem, our G-d is on our side, so Islamism will suffer another blow and the world will be a safer, more predictable, less crazy of a place. People will start to talk about the inevitability and timely building the 3rd Temple ..

- This is a censored talkback on How will Israel attack Iran?
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On Mikis Theodorakis


- We remember Zorba allright, we also remember never to play it again as its composer also is the composer of the "palestinian anthem". Down with the extreme-left anti-Jew Mikis Theodorakis! May he suffer a long and painful illness before leaving this world!
- This is comment # 4 on Greek Dancing
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Let's Not Forget


- Let's not forget that while Israelis by and large like Italy, it cannot be said that this sentiment is returned by that society. Catholicism and socialism both contribute greatly to the anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli attitude. There is a television program called The Hyenas for example, on Berlusconi's own Italia 1 channel, which recently beamed out a number of broadcasts from Gaza and from the "Tunnels of Gaza", totally accepting the Hamas narrative. It is almost impossible to find a fair article on Israel in the Italian press and left leaning or xtian "pro-peace" so called "Friends of Israel" associations are but the norm. The sons and daughters of the Romans are not even aware, because they are not taught, of their historical role in shaping today’s world by the destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple and provoking the Diaspora. The Italian press routinely calls the Temple Mount the "Clearing of the Mosques" and even in the midst of the debt crisis Italian funds are pouring in to the PA coffers by the millions, either directly or through the EU.

- This is talkback # 1 on Berlusconi to resign after political setback
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Your Relativism Doesn't Work London, Sorry


- London, you are equating Israel to Iran, Judaism to Islamism , "us" to "them". This is a huge and outright “anti-Semitic” error that shows only your immaturity. The Jewish, and so your very own right too, to the Land of Israel is directly Torah derived, with other words immediately proportionate to our degree of adherence to Torah. Where do you think the skill of the pilots come from? From Barak? Your sense of danger of course is justified London, but it is of the secular Zionists’, not of the Jewish people as a whole: Jews proved to stand a better chance with Hashem, with our G-d, rather than with your exhausted, bankrupt and dead secular Zionist replacement religion.
- This is talkback # 1 on The ultra-Orthodox bomb
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Issue's Effecting The Status Quo


- A State that sends pogrom brigades on its Jews on the Land of Israel can hardly be defined as "Jewish".
- This is talkback # 16 on PM to settlers: Don't build on private land
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State Cannot Possibly Be Jewish


- A State that opposes the Jews possessing G-d's holy Land cannot possibly be Jewish.

- This is a censored talkback on Outpost clashes see 12 arrested
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Israel Is A Golden Calf State


- What makes something "Jewish"? Knesset? No. Halacha, Jewish Law.
- This is a censored talkback on Rivlin: I won’t disqualify 'Jewish state' bill
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There Is A Difference


- There is a difference Yair Lapid: Woodward and Bernstein were up against the establishment. You are with it, fighting off change. What a sorrow figure you are!

- This is talkback # 30 on In praise of Israel’s media
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Stupid Israelis


- Ynet: "He [Majid Kial] was also barred from leaving the country for one month."
- ABY: How's about deporting him to Arabia for good?

- This is talkback # 18 on Flotilla activist: Navy hijacked us
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Re # 1


- We don't need your [Christian Zionist] patronizing phony solidarity. You are out to steal our Jewish souls and turn them into serving your idol, rather than Hashem, our G-d. You may be a friend of Israel, but you are certainly not a friend of the Jews or doing what Hashem required you to do. In two words: Get lost! You xtians killed millions of us during the centuries since your inception, it didn't work. Now you try the same with the "We love you" trick. Well, we are not buying it!

- This is a censored talkback on Abbas’ huge land grab
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