Secular Zionism Certified Dead Today


- I honestly believe that technically speaking, we are in the presence of a putsch: The Government, the executive branch of the State, with the participation of a President all too willing to abuse his power to pardon, take over the Judiciary branch of the State and for all practical purposes annuls most of its normal functioning: Life sentence becomes meaningless in Israel today and so for the Fogel murderers we have to pretend mandatory capital punishment.

That the so called Supreme Court should support this putsch is outright pathetic and illustrates that entire sectors of the State are occupied by a hard-core political mafia.

This legalized lawlessness in my view signals an end: As hardened Arab terrorists leave prison by the hundreds, the First Republic of the State of Israel seems to be imploding in front of our very eyes.

Change is in the air as the existent clearly is disfunctional. Secular Zionism as we know it has officially defunct and certified dead today.

- This is talkback # 16 on Shalit prisoner exchange underway
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