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- The very purpose of the EU is to provide a totalitarian system on Europe. Let me explain: The European Parliament is a parliament only in name, even if it is elected with universal proportional representation, it is not a legislative body, it has only consultative powers. The European law-making body is the Council and it is made up by people nominated by the member States. If you turn this concept around, it means that the EU serves the member States precisely to bypass their national parliaments and introduce government (executive branch) produced legislation. Today about 90% of all new laws enter the books this way, meaning the erosion of separation of powers, a fundamental guarantee in democracy. This erosion leads to a concentration of powers that historically we have seen only in totalitarian regimes, which is the Europe of today. No wonder it allocates about a million Euros every day to support the “palestinian” “cause”, the most visible tip of a whole underlying evil iceberg.

- This is a comment on Germany in the Eurozone

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