On Xtians On The Land


- By blackmail I mean that the secular golden calf State of Israel traces its legitimacy to the approval of the nations, therefore it is only natural that it wants to be loved by them, especially by America. That’s where your tick comes in - in support of "cordial relations and of course, political and diplomatic support [of the nations] for the Zionist enterprise.." You say that most Jews support it.
Well, there are a few problems with this:

a) I'm not sure it is so. Are you?

b) Even if it was so, what difference would it make? Are we going by numbers or by truth?

c) Torah teaches us that we are to dwell alone (Num.23:9) Longing for international support is, per definition, an anti-Torah, erev rav mentality. Jews refer to Torah and trace their rights, one of which is to the Land, and duties to G-d.

With other words, Jews (supposed to) have a "Hashemist" enterprise, not a Zionist one and that is precisely why xtians should not be allowed in, even if they "love us".

Their “love” of us does NOT mean they love Hashem. In fact, by the very fact that they see it fit to worship yeshu, even if in conjunction with Hashem, makes them idol worshipers (Rambam, Hilichot Avoda Zara, chapter two, halacha one).

Conclusion: They hate Hashem and hate Jews having Jewish souls.

Besides, lifting the Land above Torah and doing anti-Torah things on it is at least counter-productive, wouldn't you agree? At worst of course it is a lot worse. A lot.

As far as your reading suggestion is concerned, no thank you, I won't take it up. It would not only be a waste of time for me to study the xtians, instead of Hashem and/or the Jews but actually it would be an outright prohibited activity: "The worshippers of false gods have composed many texts concerning their service, describing what is the essence of their service, what practices are involved, and what are its statutes. The Holy One, blessed is He, has commanded us not to read those books at all, not to think about them or any matters involved with them".

So much for your portrayed dig in Shilo, of all places: Boo-Hoo!

- This is a comment on Jesus and Shiloh
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