On Torah Economics


- Are we in a recession? No. Depression? No. We are in a melt-down and the worst still has to come. The accumulated world trillions of debt is crashing down on us and on our unsustainable fiat (paper) money system. The salvation? Easy: Torah economics. What is Torah economics? A commodity, gold and silver based currency issued not as a loan by central banks, but by society for society, under strict, interest free conditions to Jews, with periodic corrections, with Shmita and Jubilee years re-setting the accounts back to zero. It is a perfect, G-d given system and of course no "Bank of Israel" comes even close to it: The State is anything but Jewish and everything it does is learned from the nations, instead of being the other way round. And, of course, we have to pay the consequences for our national stupidity and arrogance. So, I’m not complaining. Just telling you folks, there IS a better way: G-d’s.

- This is a comment on Are We In A Depression?
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