Banana Republic


- Whereas I am happy for the Shalit family, the Israeli and the Jewish prospectives are different on this.
The Israeli prospective is that we are in front of the erosion of the life sentence as such as it becomes meaningless in front of our eyes. Now we know that the murderers of the Fogels of Itamar will be set free, the only thing we don't know is when. It also is obvious that there is a wholesale abuse of the presidential power to pardon. These two aspects can only be mitigated with a) mandatory death penalty and b) with the reduction of the power of a president to pardon to let's say 5 cases in total.
The Jewish aspect is that the State, as always, goes against Torah, as by halacha we are forbidden to pay more for a hostage than his worth.
If you combine these elements the grand total is that we don't live in a Jewish State and even less in a democratic one. The short for such a joint in colloquial is: banana republic.

- This is talkback # 4 on Shalit family prepares for Gilad's return
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