An Urgent Appeal From Itamar, Israel


Dear friends and fellow Jews,

As the UN vote on Palestinian statehood approaches, Israeli security forces are gearing up for more Arab violence. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Judea and Samaria, where IDF intelligence has already determined that large scale provocations on the roads, mass marches on settlements and the attempted destruction of Jewish infrastructure and agriculture will be attempted.

Here in Itamar, as a new school year begins, we see the mood of the local Arabs changing, and we're bracing ourselves for all contingencies. At the same time, for the sake of our children, we're obliged to continue as if nothing extraordinary were in the offing.

Out on the hilltops of Itamar, where there are no security fences, and parents acknoledge that faith in the Almighty is their only true defense against enemy aggression, we are asking for your support, for the sake of our children. Please take a minute to review the following website that contains a three paragraph blog entry succinctly explaining our dilemma.


And kindly forward this text to five like-minded friends or family members.

With G-d's help, may we all succeed.

Aryeh Katz

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