- Sometimes I still get shocked by the primitive anti-Torah propaganda ynetnews is capable of putting out. Maybe, where there are no facts to support a line, in this case Oslo, they need a charged, emotional piece. The sad fact however is that as we stand, it is the IDF that shoots on Jews because they are Jews and it is the IDF that demolishes Jewish housing just because it is Jewish and no, it is not the other way round as hypothesized by this author. So, let’s mention on the sidelines here that no “evacuation” of Jews is justified in a so called Jewish State. With other words, “evacuations” only prove that the State is anything but Jewish and one doesn’t need to be a right wing “fanatic” to understand this. So, the real question is, can the Jewish people hope to survive under this State?

- This is a censored talkback on The radical settler threat

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