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- You are mixing up things, Sir Anonymous. Yael killed Sisera, an enemy general who was leading his Canaanite troops against Israel, as a one off heroic act, in her home, while the victim was fast asleep, not as a regular servicewoman, as part of her full-time job. There is more: She didn't wear pants and she didn't wear male head gear. Still more: G-d told Deborah to raise an army of men to deliver Israel from Jabin. However, Barak protested and demanded that Deborah accompany him in battle. Because of this Deborah prophesied that the honor of killing the enemy general would not go to Barak, but to a woman: The exact opposite of what you are saying! Besides, how dare you publicly suggest, from behind your anonymity, that I'm not doing tsuva in Elul?

- This is a censored talkback on Israel Police get 1st female sapper

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