A Three Fronts War

- Contrarily to popular belief, Jews are not attacked only on one front, but on three fronts: Ishmael, today's Arabs, wage a war against the Jewish people that everyone sees, their war on us is in front of our naked eyes. However, they are not the only ones. There are two other, secret wars: One is waged against the Jewish people by Edom, The Western world in general and today's xtians in particular. They now successfully establish strongholds even in Judea and in Samaria to steel Jewish souls for yeshu. Some, even well known and well respected "rabbis" fall for their narrative of "We Love You", because they don't know or because they don't want to know them and their inner laws and logic any better, unfortunately. These "rabbis" claim that there is a difference between catholics and protestants in their status of idol worshippers, in as much as catholics have visible imagenery exhibited in their places of worship, whereas protestants or evangelists do not or, simply because they say “We love you”. These distinctions however are purely formal: They do not take into account the fact that these people are xtians in their hearts and believe that a "complete" Jew is one that believes in their idol, allowing them to verbally claim that they have no intention in "converting" Jews: For them a "Jew" is one who believes in yeshu.

Please consider carefully the following reasoning: "No one who hasn't been a xian can understand the way they think or talk or anything else. First of all the whole concept of tshuva is completely different for xians than it is for Jews. xians believe yeshu "paid" for their sins so they are not punished or even held responsible for their sins. So if they are claiming they have done tshuva that statement means absolutely nothing to them. I guaranty if you ask them if they believe it is a sin to tell a Jew about yeshu they will say no. Of course they can say they don't want to convert Jews because the Jewish concept of conversion does not exist in evangelical xianity (it does in catholism). Evangelicals believe in "messianic judaism" which says a Jew who accepts yeshu doesn't convert to another religion he just fulfills judaism by becoming a "completed Jew". Paul teaches in the NT that a xian can use any means, including lying, or financial help or emotional support to "spread the gospel". You have to assume that the wallers and their minions will tell you whatever it is you want to hear so that they can get closer to Jews. The number one method used by xians to spread the gospel throughout the world is humanitarian works. The xian offers help to people in need to foster trust and build relationship then slowly they will convince you that this help has come to you because of yeshu and he can solve all your problems and heal all your pain if you just believe in him. Jews who are falling for their lies should take into account that the Wallers and many if not all of the people volunteering with them have recieved alot of money from people who support their "ministry". Why are these people supporting them financially why they are here? It is because they believe the Wallers "ministry" is to open the Jewish hearts and eyes to yeshu. Even if some Jews want to believe that the Wallers and their friends are not here to missionize, they should be worried about the judgement they are bringing on the yeshuvim for allowing idolators to read their NT, pray to their false god( while they are picking the grapes that are to be made into jewish wine), and worshipping their false god with instruments, singing and dancing." (Credit omitted)

The third front Jews are threatened by is the erev rav, the mixed multitude, a people who look like and declare themselves to be Jews but are not. Their war on the Jews is the most difficult one to fight, because these people look like Jews and say they are Jews. However, they don't act like Jews and they are deeply anti-Torah in their aiding Ishmael and/or Edom. This is the giveaway, that's the only way Jews can recognize and fight them.

It is my intimate conviction that the State of Israel is in the hands of the erev rav and Jews would do well to keep themselves as far as possible away from it and its Jewish looking but false, anti-Torah “rabbis”, "leaders" and officials. Sounds paranoic? Well, sober up! Refrain from the vote in Israel and don't forget: We voted for Hashem under the Mount in Sinai, for all generations.

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