Not So Much Of A Rhetorical Question


- Not So Much Of A Rhetorical Question: If the State of Israel is created by the U.Nations and it is run with the goyshe Hellenistic method of democracy, and it labels its Jews as "settlers" and destroys their houses and communities in Gaza, in the Shomron and in Yehuda, and its institutions are the non-Jewish "knesset" and the non- Jewish "supreme court" and its army is the non-Jewish IDF that beats up and fires on Jews because they are Torah Law Jews and not civil law freaks on the Land, then - then why do you keep thinking of this State as if it was "Jewish" and not what it really is, a Golden Calf? Because it usurps the Jewish narrative and the Jewish symbols? Or because it is just too difficult to admit that we, the Jews, have nothing and no one to save us from our enemies, other than Hashem, our G-d, of course? What's your intimate feeling: Will this State save the Jews or will it be instrumental in destroying them? And if deep down you think it will destroy us, why do you keep supporting it with your vote? Didn't you vote for Hashem at the Mount in Sinai? Well, I did and I wouldn't dare to vote for these clowns! They only divide the nation, another thing that is strictly prohibited.

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