IDF Punishes Good Jews


- In Judaism it is forbidden for girls to sing from the age of 12 upwards in front of men and for men to listen to their singing. It is against the spirit of tzniut (modesty) even under that age. A husband is allowed to listen to his wife's singing when she is pure, according to the laws on nidda (menstrual cycle), but not when he is praying or learning Torah.
Now, the fact that the IDF punishes halachicly correct Jewish behavior is an alarming sign not only of the fact that the army of the so-called Jewish State evidently is anything but Jewish, but of the outright religious discrimination in there against Jews. The discriminating officers against Jews must be dismissed without delay and the IDF must not tollerate anti-Jewish manifestations of anti-Jewish hate.

- This is talkback # 11 on Cadets dismissed over woman's song

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