Re: # 4 - Article Is Good, You Are Wrong


- Even if you don't like the ideas expressed in book, its authors are NOT criminals, under freedom of speech. Now, this is under normal circumstances. How much more so, when the subject matter of a book is halacha, Jewish Law. Like it or not, there IS Jewish Law on warfare and just because we were in exile for 2000 years and learned the foreign morality of the nations, it doesn't mean we don't have our own divine rules and regulations in general and on warfare in particular and even less it means those holy rules and holy regulations should not be published in Israel. This reaction of the State in front of our eyes to halacha means and proves that the there is a huge problem with the State, that it is not Jewish in its character or that it is even anti-Jewish. If Jews really think they want and deserve a State, they must change how things are run here. In this sense, the book is political, even if halaca itself is not.

- This is talkback # 7 on Radicals in State’s service

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