The Huge Glenn Beck "I Love You, Israel" Tragedy


- Try to imagine for a second that Glenn Beck was not the xtian he is but a Jew and that he bought in with him not hard core xtians but rather Jews, men, women and children from all over the World, to listen to inspired Jewish lectures and analysis on The Land of Israel, in the spirit of the Three Weeks, a period of semi-mourning on the Jewish calendar, in memory of our destroyed Jerusalem Temples. THAT would be, WOW, a Kidush Hashem, a glorification of G-d's Name! Instead, with the real Glenn Beck and with the real Jewish traitors around him, we got herds of xtians roving in Jerusalem, glorifying their yoshkele and pledging support for these otherwise helpless Jews who are even stupid enough to welcome them: A HUGE Chilul Hashem, a desecration of G-d's Name, in our holiest of places!

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