- # 1: So according to you, any child who's parent doesn't agree with organized medicine's non-cures, should be taken away and put into foster-homes? Great, Mrs. Mengele!

#2: So, according to you, anyone who holds different ideas are to be locked up in a mental institution? Welcome to the show, Mr. Stalin!

#3: Right you are, let's save her life. Start praying for her intensely.

#4: It seems that YOU lost contact with Torah reality and live in the illusion of what is visible to your naked eyes. By the way, do you know what percentage of cancer patients organized medicine saves? And for how long?

#5: If you are a doctor, can you tell us please why you people insist on poisoning your cancer patients instead of building them up?

#6: What if her mother loved her more than anyone else, certainly more than the profit-hungry organized system that lives off ineffective cancer treatments?

In conclusion, I hate when a system, any system substitutes itself to the parent. Even more so, when they do this in the name of secularism over G-d fearing people: This is DD, Disgusting and Discriminatory! The simple fact is that organized medicine does not have the statistics to show it is able to save this girl. Praying to Hashem saved us for thousands of years, you don't need to be "religious" to see it. It's scientific and proven. So, open your eyes to the real reality of Hashem!

- This is a censored talkback on Court orders mother to save child

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Daniela said...

Unfortunately it is bad news that three months have elapsed in legal battles. I agree with the commenter that says that a rabbi, perhaps a gadol, should have been involved immediately and should have talked to both of them.

On a different subject (but I don't know where else to write) could you may be circulate the info about Leiby Kletzky? even if people are not in Brooklyn, I think everyone should talk about this with kids, and point out the importance of never trusting people they don't personally know, even though - especially if - they are dressed like religious jews. A real jew does not need to ask help from children much less to invite them anywhere, but will ask an adult instead, and have an adult do him the kindness he needs; and on the other hand our enemies who may be out there aiming to harm, it's not like they will show up with the keffiya and the palestinian flag and a sign "I am a terrorist". We all need to be very careful, even adults and even in Israel, but of course in NYC it's even worse.